Although at first glance it may seem impossible to earn money through a loan or credit, there are some specific situations, in which applying for a loan means making money.

Indebtedness means saving or even earning money, as long as goods or services are acquired that involve savings or an increase in income. They are all those who can help you improve your opportunities, or those that can generate income. That is, they have the ability to increase your well-being or your economic outlook for the future.


Saving on expenses

You can use a loan to exchange some home appliances for more efficient ones. Debt to introduce energy efficiency improvements in the home is usually economically advantageous. It is supposed to save, if the good that you are going to buy supposes an expense smaller than the good to which it replaces in a sufficient measure to amortize the interests of the loan requested for its purchase. Or imagine that you face an invoice. If you will not pay it, they will charge you a penalty, that is, an additional expense. Applying for a loan in this case can be cheaper, paying interest on the loan, but avoiding the penalty for the unpaid invoice. From these two examples it is already clear that it is possible to save by asking for a loan, however it is essential to make calculations and carefully compare the corresponding costs and benefits.


Increasing income

With the savings you earn money, but there are purposes with which you can increase your income and profits. Loans and credits mean making money, if they are used to acquire goods or services that have the capacity to increase your well-being or your economic prospects for the future. They are all those goods that increase their value over time, or those that can help you improve your opportunities. For example investments in your education, to improve your position in the labor market. Or acquisition of the necessary equipment for your professional career, which will allow you to increase productivity and, in principle, also income.

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